Inventory Connect

Connect your inventory to browse and share your products directly in Arrow, fuzzy search makes it easy to find what your client is looking for, while Deal Mode gets product-client matches across the finish line.

Connected and reliably synced inventory coupled with all-in-one communication allows for simple but powerful improvements for sales and marketing teams:

Tag, share, and quote products to customers directly in the system.

Inquire about inventory from various locations across your business with a simple chat message or tag another user in the product feed.

Mark products as sold once deal mode is closed and avoid any delays in updating your inventory.

Create marketing campaigns that are

Track sales performance and inventory turnover in one place.

Inventory Management

The Arrow Inventory Management module (currently focused on the Equipment industry) was built especially to facilitate the submission and processing of trade-ins as added inventory.

To add a trade-in:

Add information, including validation of all basic information necessary for valuation.

Add images (images are cleaned up and can be re-ordered)

Update information from inspections.

Get Instant Trade in Valuations from Arrow.

Select or manually adjust the value of the trade-in when necessary.

Make notes of the necessary reconditioning on the machine based on assessment.


Submit for approval based on roles and permissions.

Managers are notified of machines being added and requiring approval.

Sales get notified when the status changes from submitted to approved.

Creation and posting of a new asset to inventory.