Quoting, trading in a used product, deal elements, agreements, and documents, at times even fiscal and administrative, payment and financing details, third parties or liens, etc. Such a wide variety of things could go wrong on a deal...

We think managing a pipeline and staying organized through the process should be a given so that Sales teams can focus on closing deal elements as they come to them.

In our core version of Deal Mode, Arrow users can:

Send and collect signed documents and have them easily accessible under each open deal record.

Arrow will also work with clients who wish to use electronic signatures.

Mark your products as Sold, generate and send an invoice.

Mark deals as Closed once fully paid.

Set Service reminders when applicable.

Service Due

Given our experience with the Equipment industry, Arrow has also worked on streamlining various use cases for our Pro version:

Buy New, No Trade In
Buying New, with Trade-in.
Buying Used, no Trade-in
Buying Used, with Trade-in

With that, users can:

Assign deal elements to a team member to collect or send to a customer for digital signature.
Upload documents and relate them to any deal element.
Send "Closing" packages to team members across the company to allow for processing.