Customer History

Use your customer purchase history to create new deals and revenue opportunities. Arrow helps you anticipate what your clients are most likely to buy and when based on what you already know.

About Customer Purchase History.

In addition to customer data and contact information, uploading customer purchase history is part of the Arrow onboarding process.

It allows us to predict and send not only service reminders but also suggest tags for potential customer interests and make suggestions about which products and when to share them.


For instance, if the lifetime of a product purchased by one of your customers is typically 5 years, and it was purchase 4 years ago, we might suggest that you share the newer model or version of your product within the next 3-6 months to get the conversations going about replacing their asset.

Moreover, knowing what products were sold and how long ago will help us make suggestions about getting a trade-in value where applicable.

This, also, feels relatively simple and straightforward, but in a time where data is key, we do not want our users to lose theirs because they chose to switch to Arrow.