Campaign Manager

The Arrow marketing module is intended for Marketing users, but also sales managers who need to run and manage their campaigns in one place.

It brings mail, text, voicemail-drop, social posts, and paid campaigns together on one platform for easier creation, tracking, and lead assignment.

The Arrow Way

Arrow recognizes responses and leads coming from customers and creates a contact card for brand new leads and notified managers for assignments across the Sales team so our clients no longer need costly integrations or time-consuming even manual processes to get leads generated on third-party channels back into their CRM.

With Arrow marketing, clients can:

Find previously ran campaigns by name and type, pin important campaigns.

Switch to a Calendar view by type for better campaign planning.

Create, save, schedule, and run email, text, and social media (free and paid) campaigns.

Create lists of recipients based on changes made to customers records.

Preview emails and social posts based on channels.

Access basic analytics on views, clicks, and responses.

Manage and assign leads from active campaigns.

Create campaign-specific group chats for team collaboration.

Archive and organized past campaigns in Folders.