Arrow Chat all-in-one communication tools include both Team and Customer chats. One the one hand, you can keep your teams connected across departments. On the other, you can share, chat, and keep track of customer conversations all in one place. Here's how:

With our mobile App and seamless integration of chat tools, your Sales teams can now send messages, files, and share products, quotes, and deal docs from their desktop and access the full conversations from their mobile, and vice-versa.

The same goes for the customer responses into the system, sending sales reps system notifications when new customer messages appear in chat.

This seems intuitive, but it accomplishes a lot for your reps: conversations and product-sharing history live in one place, accessible both from the office and the field.


  • No lost conversations or missed messages
  • Turns multi-channel confusion into single conversation.
  • Facilitates follow-up and improves conversation flow.
  • Suppresses the need for logging all communication and sharing actions.
  • - Tracks which products and documents are shared and customer response.
1. Chat
2. Share
3. Follow-Up
4. Mind your stats

Want More?

The product-sharing, although it happens in the chat, is tracked under individual customer records, meaning if your team can access all share products under the customer tab, pin products when customers express interest and start Deal Mode directly from the customer and product pages.